CEAR manufactures DC motors and generators. Its standart production is made up of motors with powers from 1 to 2300 kW, referred to 1000 rpm.

The DC motor remains still the first choice in various industrial sectors due to its compactness, reliability, the excellent price- performance ratio.
The high efficiency, high dynamic performance, the large range of variation of speed available with the preservation of the load or overload applied, make the DC motor an essential component in modern industrial plants.

The construction is made of magnetic stator and rotor circuits entirely lamellar, whose design, construction and testing are performed by us in accordance with the CEI EN 60034-1 2-3 fascicle n° 11111 year 2011 edition, and in accordance with the international recommendations lEC34.1.
The construction is also realized in order to satisfy the main worldwide standards requirements such as VDE - CSA - BS - UL.
The DC motor is free from emission tests of electromagnetic compatibility, because it does not generate conducted disturbances, since it is not directly connected to AC power.

CEAR is present on the market with its own brand for forty years. Since its foundation, CEAR has been able to build on Important technical and managerial expertise gained in the electrical machinery field.

Today CEAR motors "turn" all around the world, employed by top Italian and European machinery manufacturers in a wide range of industrial sectors.
In addition to square series motors listed in the catalog, CEAR also produces motors and generators for a wide range of applications such as traction motors, generators for starting aircraft, generators for ships and motors for powering submarines, as well as those object of specific request.